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ד"ר רונית אלוני משיבה על שאלה מבלוג טיפול מיני לנכים באנגליה

עודכן: 31 באוק׳ 2018


I've had a question via the Scope forum regarding orgasm (female) and CP.  The young lady in question describes her experience as follows: she enjoys sex and masturbation but there comes a point during her stimulation (either with a partner or alone) where it stops feeling good, she is overwhelmed by nausea and has to stop.  As a result she doesn't have orgasms (which understandably is starting to have a negative effect on her).She was asking whether this is common experience, whether anyone has any advice or ideas.  I wondered whether it was down to sensory processing.   Anyone else have any thoughts (and especially thoughts on how things could improve for her)?Thank you all as always,Gili.

Question for our SHADA members
Question for our SHADA members



This experience doesn't necessarily link to her being with CP. Quite a number of women who are pre-orgasmic  describe the same experience. So I think it has to do with her need for loosing control, for letting go. On top of that I believe that it is an issue in her life – the feeling of loosing control over her body, the tremor if it happen to her when she needs to make a physical effort, when her body is in a kind of stress that is somehow similar to arousal. So she had learned to control it/stop it. Now she needs to relearn that getting closer to orgam is a different experience and although the body exhibit the same sensation it is still a very different situation!

It will take time for her to slowly and gradually let go step by step and closer and closer to orgasm without feeling the anxiety of loosing control.

Good luck.

Ronit aloni Phd

ד"ר אלוני, מומחית לטיפול ושיקום מיני וטיפולי סרוגייט

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